Why am I against religion?

People ask me why am I against religion? I say,

1) I believe in kindness and respecting other humans. Religion has always set boundaries in this regard and has been spreading hate more than love.

2) I believe, you don't really need religion or religious books to teach morality and values to kids. There are hundreds of other ways as a parent. Values are not taught as theories but as actions, also by letting them know that no one can be hundred percent perfect regardless of your religious status.

3) Religion always divided people, never united unless you are of the same tribe.

4) The fear of society and fear of God has stopped many from leaving religion even though they wanted to.

5) Once I left religion I began to try solving my problems on my own instead of leaving everything to God and sitting & praying. The time you waste can be utilised for helping someone or yourself. 

6) Most of our problems could be easily solved by changing our lifestyle, thought process and  planning things before hand. If you put a little bit of effort everything is possible. You feel the peace right there!

7) There is no "You do your best and rest God will take care." It is "You do your best and reap the rewards." No one is going to take care the rest of it. It's you, only you are responsible for your life.

8) Religion is the biggest business in the world and I don't want to become a part of any cult. Instead, the money, the time I would like to spend either for myself or for people who are in need. Instead of spending the money for temples, churches and other Gods, I started utilising it for helping the poor, people in need or to learn something new.

9) Now you will be thinking all these are possible even with believing. Then that's the biggest misconception and false comfort that the religion provides you because you are always dependent on your belief system and Gods. No way you can think out of the box because you are living inside the box forever.

10) Religion gives you a false comfort that someone is there to take care of all your problems and fulfill your wishes. You cry out to that someone on a daily basis to solve your problems instead of you try solving it for yourself. Even if you don't have anything in particular when you pray, automatically it will remind you of all your worries. (Even the ones you had forgotten in a while).

11) Religion always forbidden women to retain even her fundamental rights. In the name customs and traditions a woman has to undergo immense pressure, gender discrimination and sufferings throughout her life. And the funny part is, they have been manipulated so much that they themselves believe that it's their ultimate duty or sacrifice to live such a life. The 80% of the women I have seen in my life have been spending their 80% of time for doing Puja, preparing Prasad, going to temples and rest 20% for cooking and other household works. Alas!!

Let me tell you, this was not an easy process at all for me as we are all socially conditioned that way. It takes huge amount of courage and effort to come out of it! 
If you would like to read about my journey so far, you can read it here : https://www.storywall.in/2023/04/my-journey-to-enlightenment.html

Post reading this you will have a tendency to judge me, which is normal. Next time when you see me, this thought may flash through your mind. That is also normal. But remember, post those thoughts if you could see me as a fellow human being, the same person you used to talk with then that would be the bestest judgement ever you would do. 


  1. As usual good one. Crisp and clear opinion😊

  2. Loved reading your take on religion Lakshmi ❤️! It was very heartfelt and honest! Brave and courageous! More power to you ❤️😇
    I am Saswati (don’t know why it’s not accepting my google profile, showing anonymous 🤦🏻‍♀️)

    1. Hey, thanks a ton for leaving a comment Sash...🥰

  3. I really like your perspective. You have a unique looking glass. Some of the ideas are thought-provoking.


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