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The Heaven's Children

Asharaf's Dilemma Asharaf is a stomach sleeper. Only when upset does he lie on his back. And that's what is happening now.  Tasnim glanced at the clock. It's going to be 11.00 PM and this boy has not yet slept. She slightly turned to one side of the cot and looked down where Asharaf is. He usually sleeps on the floor.  "Ashu... Ashu..." She whispered. His eyes were open and fixed on the ceiling. Upon her calling, he got up as if from a nightmare.  "What ammi? Didn't you sleep?" "I was about to ask that. What's your tension today? " He always talks to mother if something is disturbing. But this time he was not willing to. "Nothing ammi. I am alright. It's just that I was thinking about Salman's dog. It went missing and is still not found..." "Oh, dear... Poor thing! What can we do? Will pray and hope it will be back someday. Don't worry too much. You will wake up late ahh..." He nodded and pretended to sle