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Shopping Spree

Sale...Sale..Flat 50%. Buy one get two free! Oops! Sorry... I was time traveling to my old PG days. I was roaming on the roads of 'Commercial Street' in Bangalore. All of a sudden I landed up here, in a world of Covid! Nowhere to go, all shopping digitized, I am sitting in my balcony and taking a trip down the memory lane.  So this shopping spree happened years back in 2006-2008. It was then I had joined Infosys and was looking for a PG. As you know, getting a PG or hostel is not a big thing but a roommate is! As a blessing, at the same time my colleague and friend Heena appeared in front of me like an angel with a cool offer (no no! I must say 'a boon'). Her roommate left and the owner was looking for a new girl!! The rent was also reasonable. I was like... Yea yea! I am in...! I was more than happy to move in. We all shop but not the same way right? Exactly! That's what I am going to tell you today. Different types of shopaholics. If you find yourself somewhere in