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A souvenir of love - Chapter 1

A souvenir of love - Chapter 1 Teacher's Day dedication. I usually write blogs in my native language Malayalam because I feel emotionally connected to that more than any other. There is a comfort and my expressions are more profound while writing in that language. This may be because I was a Malayalam medium student and English came to me as an acquired language where I had to overcome many hardships to learn it. Am still learning. However this one I decided to write in English as I want all my fellow colleagues to read and relate. I wish to reach out to most of the parents as well. So, I hereby take an anticipatory bail in order to do the same! On this September 5th, Teacher's day I dedicate this blog to the teaching fraternity with much respect, gratitude and loads of love. A huge shout-out to those teachers who understand their students, who don't differentiate between their students, who still believe in compassion, who have not given up hope on the worst child in their