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Mission Mirage - Pursuit Of A Perfect School

Following my previous post 'Mission Impossible - The Maid Hunt', I had another spark about the next most infamous hunt which is the "The School Hunt ''. Especially post covid when the schools reopened none of them are fully equipped hence facing many challenges which definitely make the parents go furious. I would not even say the word 'unhappy' or 'disappointed' but only 'furious'! It is as bad as that here.  You might be thinking " what?! Is she not a parent? Doesn't she have complaints about the school?" Oh! yes, of course mommies and daddies! I am also in the same boat. In India education is a business and we are all customers. I can't blame the fact that in a business when a customer pays money they are entitled to receive the best service at any point of time. Moreover when we are handing out our most precious products for their best future, the expectation is way higher. Money is the game changer.  This was not the c