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Mission Impossible : The Maid Hunt

Yes! This is an impossible mission to achieve. Getting that perfect maid in your dreams! In case anyone has made this 'Mission Maid' possible, hats off to you guys! We envy you so much.  My maid hunt began only after I had kids. As just  married couple we both managed cleaning and doing dishes well. But the plot changed once kids came into our lives. And once in every two years or so we had to shift house as we were the usual Bangalore IT professionals who aspire to go back to native and settle at any given opportunity.  Fortunately my first two experiences with maids in Bangalore were quite good. They both were good and took care of cleaning part with least supervision.  Along with providing food,  we looked after any medical expenses which were serious. It was a win-win situation for both. They were honest and trustworthy. Only now, I realize their real value and how lucky I was! They never complained about salary. Thousand five hundred was minimum wage for 'jhadu pocha&#