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My Journey to Enlightenment

In India, more than anything else people are more interested in your religious identity. I encounter many funny and awkward situations where people are confused about my religious identity. Most of them are quick to find that, I am a Hindu because of my name, Sreelakshmi, who is the Godess of wealth. But when they hear my daughter's name - Lyra, they again go puzzled. Maybe mine is an intercaste marriage, they assume. Kids too, face the same kind of questions amongst their peers. My kids answer spontaneously,  "I am a human", which makes them kinda weirdos. There is much more to this story though which I will tell you next time. There are quite a lot of cults. I want to be very clear that I don't back up any of these cults including atheism or whatever. I am not in any of the groups too. I believe once you are into a group, you think less and start follow them. I just follow my own thoughts based on my life experiences and knowledge I acquired by scientific reasoning.