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Peace Lilies

The one and only one piece I longed For a while, your hues of white My peace lilies… I wandered over earth and heaven All in vein, hopeless me! A glimpse of white, by the street Made my heart pound a bit. As a forlorn soul, scorched earth, Blooms torn out, in a heap Yet with a dreadful smile None cared to heed A peace lily resting in no peace! I carried you in my arms I hid you from earth and heaven I pampered you, I fed you, I buried my worries beneath your roots You were shaken, you were awaken By my love, by my pain The day you showered your blossoms I knew my war is over I knew you sprinkled peace on me I yearned to give out each piece of yours Only to spread the white lilies of peace All over the rumbling world Alas! The apathetic realm! None longed for peace But for wars… They laughed at me They wielded hatred on me Perplexed and wistful, I ran into you You hid me underneath your roots I was garbed in your greens I survived… I lived! I was at