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Why am I against religion?

People ask me why am I against religion? I say, 1) I believe in kindness and respecting other humans. Religion has always set boundaries in this regard and has been spreading hate more than love. 2) I believe, you don't really need religion or religious books to teach morality and values to kids. There are hundreds of other ways as a parent. Values are not taught as theories but as actions, also by letting them know that no one can be hundred percent perfect regardless of your religious status. 3) Religion always divided people, never united unless you are of the same tribe. 4) The fear of society and fear of God has stopped many from leaving religion even though they wanted to. 5) Once I left religion I began to try solving my problems on my own instead of leaving everything to God and sitting & praying. The time you waste can be utilised for helping someone or yourself.  6) Most of our problems could be easily solved by changing our lifestyle, thought process and  planning th