Musubi - The Red String

You and me, in different worlds
Yet I know what you are up to,
At this moment, at any moment...
I know when you think of me,
I get the spark in my eyes,
My heart beats one more each time.
I know when you miss me,
I feel your loneliness,
And I give a call only to know that,
You were about to...!
I smell your sorrows,
I know it when you are low,
And I text you the three golden words
Only to know that,
You were about to...!

It's been years together 
We don't talk, yet I know you.
I know what you are up to.
Because, we have this soul tie
By Musubi - the red string.
To create memories,
To create our own history,
To create stories.
It may tangle, stretch and twist
But will never break.

You and me in different worlds
Tied to each other by the string of love,
String of memories, string of history,
By the old man from the moon
Who tied the Musubi 
In our pinky fingers, 
Only to know each other forever,
Only to know that 
You were about to
Tell me all the same!

No promises, no heart breaks
no expectations... I need!
It's as simple as that...
It's just unconditional...
I am not yours,, you are not mine
Still we are together as one!


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