Draupadi 2021- Reloaded

March 8th-2021-Women's day.

Post lunch Draupadi was relaxing on the couch. Oh! no no, read it as after preparing lunch for her five husbands and taking a siesta. All of a sudden the guest arrives. The doorbell rang twice. She got upset and muttered, 

"Nowadays these guests also na... anytime they just appear! Can't they spare me on Women's day at least..." 

She peeped through the sheer window curtains and saw that it was Krishna. She took back her words in mind and ran towards the door for a warm welcome, "Oh! my brother Krishna... I am overwhelmed by your presence". 

"It's been a long time and I was yearning to see my beloved sister. So, I happened to be here without any intimation."

"I too was missing you Govind. But I was not anticipating this pleasant surprise at all!"

Their chit-chat went on for a while. Then she realised that she didn't even ask him to have something.

"Krishna... By the time you take a walk in the garden, I will prepare lunch for you."

Draupadi rushed to the kitchen. There is nothing left post lunch. What would I give him now?! She was bewildered looking at the pieces of leftover veggies in the refrigerator. Idea! Why to worry when YouTube is there. She searched and found an easy but delicious recipe called 'Aviyal'. 

Krishna was amazed by her sister's cooking skills and praised her to the skies like no one had ever done. He was pleased and told, "Draupadi, I am so delighted with the food. Here I am giving you a boon - Akshaya Patra!"

At that instance, Droupadi was on cloud nine but suddenly her thoughts took a diversion. How could I enjoy this privilege alone when the whole womanhood is suffering out there! No, I can't. Let me ask him to alter it in this way.

"Brother... I am, for sure, blessed with a brother like you. Pardon me for asking this. I would like this boon to be amended a bit. See it's 2021, though technology has progressed a long way, unfortunately no one has thought/found a machine to prepare food. So, if you could bless the whole womanhood with this Akshaya Patra it would be great. It would be a great relief for the women from their burden of mundane chores. Every house has one Akshaya Patra! That's my request."

Krishna was all smiles. He then replied,

"Sister, that was such a kind thought of yours. Am proud of you! Perhaps, there is a catch. You know that humans work mainly for food and shelter. If I provide them with this boon then they will become lazy, no business will run, health problems  moreover the whole world will collapse."

"Hmmm... I did not think that way. I do have a solution for that as well. Why don't you make the lady of the house in charge of this. Only if the lady is respected and accepted the boon will work. In that way we can ensure the women would be respected and protected. Also, they can work equally like men and be independent. In spite of being a wife of five men, no one could save me from Dushasan that day, except you! Then imagine the state of a common girl in this Kaliyuga... I seek that respect which I lost, now."

"That's so thoughtful of you and I am fascinated by your cleverness. As you wish my beloved...Your wish is granted!" He raised his hand with a blessing gesture.

There leaves Krishna with a charming warm smile. 


Oh! my goodness! What a wonderful dream that was! Droupadi got up from her afternoon nap only to find out that it was a mere dream. If I had known that was a dream I would have slept forever, she sighed. She then became conscious to realise the fact that, some dreams are so perfect and beautiful hence they stay as dreams itself!


  1. Wow! Brilliant. I could picturize Drupathi and Krishna in modern attire. Perfect blending of ancient epics into modern era. Language and the flow of thoughts are so perfect.��

  2. Loved it Lakshmi.. Keep going..:)

    Hehe, I loved the modern day depiction of Droupadi, but couldn't help noticing that Krishna hasn't changed a bit!:D

  3. Great imagination. Loved the concept. You must check the use of certain words though. Some words seem out of place. (Kindly take this as constructive criticism). I guess you must have. Leaned on thesaurus for alternative words, but these words, although similar in meaning,are mostly used in different contexts. Kindly check those. The idea and it's conceptualisation is really great. Wonderful writing.

    1. Thanks for your time and feedback! I will definitely work on this. As a beginner in English literature, each feedback would be of great help. Thanks again :)

  4. Loved the concept and Draupadi dream too.

  5. Great thought of modern Krishna & droupadi...loved the concept


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