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Sale...Sale..Flat 50%. Buy one get two free!

Oops! Sorry... I was time traveling to my old PG days. I was roaming on the roads of 'Commercial Street' in Bangalore. All of a sudden I landed up here, in a world of Covid! Nowhere to go, all shopping digitized, I am sitting in my balcony and taking a trip down the memory lane. 

So this shopping spree happened years back in 2006-2008. It was then I had joined Infosys and was looking for a PG. As you know, getting a PG or hostel is not a big thing but a roommate is! As a blessing, at the same time my colleague and friend Heena appeared in front of me like an angel with a cool offer (no no! I must say 'a boon'). Her roommate left and the owner was looking for a new girl!! The rent was also reasonable. I was like... Yea yea! I am in...! I was more than happy to move in.

We all shop but not the same way right? Exactly! That's what I am going to tell you today. Different types of shopaholics. If you find yourself somewhere in the middle of this, do share with me ah! 

All ladies in our PG mostly went shopping on the first three weekends every month. The weekend followed by the salary credit was like a shopping festival for us. Here I will introduce a few typical shoppers. Come, let's see the shopping specimens one by one. 

The 'Li&Li' Specialist

You must be wondering what this 'Li&Li'. Ha ha... It is Lingerie and Lipstick! Spoiler alert- This section will be targeted at ladies only. If anyone wants to skip you may...

Ladies would know the hardships to find the perfect fitting bra. It seems like a mirage. You buy one and after a few days it feels either too tight or loose. Sometimes one brand size may look perfect but the same size in another brand would be totally unfit! Most sizes above '32' seem to have more issues. Till 32 nothing much matters though. ;) Then pregnancy and post-pregnancy will leave you in a place where you can't even come back! So, the size hunt continues...

Here comes my friend Heena who had a wide collection of lingeries as a part of her hunting. Different types, shades, brands! I learnt there are push-up bras, underwired bras, sag-free bras, transparent strap bras, strapless bras, lacy bras... Oh my! Her chattels were charming. Whenever she went out shopping she ended up with at least one of these in her bag. She knew the best lingerie shops in and around Bangalore. We officially declared her as our lingerie guru. She buys a few and later all of them will be declared as unfit! Then again goes for another set... and the experiment goes on and on and on...! 

I guess her 'perfect bra' hunt is still on. ;)

Another interest was lipstick. I learned how to apply lipstick perfectly, from her. Till then I have seen only three colours- red, brown and pink. But the shades which were in her possession reminded me of Asian paints colour palette! I still remember once I tried the violet shade and just loved it. Her selection of lip shades was a widely discussed topic among the women squads of our office, many envied her secretly!

The Emotional Shopaholic

Divya is a normal shopper except on a bad day. What happens when she has a stormy day at the office or at home? She just slams the door and sets out alone for a hunt. Then she is back by the end of the day with bags full of unnecessary things! Sometimes crockery items (we don't even have a cupboard in our 'kutti' kitchen!), house decors(without owning a house) and what not! When we ask her, for whom did you buy all these? She will lie on the wooden sofa with a deep sigh and say, "I really don't know. Why did I buy all this stuff yaar?!! But I feel relaxed...ahhh I am happy now! Anyways, it's okay. We can gift these for Priya's wedding next month." She will end it by convincing herself. We will be like, you are really nuts! Next minute, we are looking at each other and burst out laughing like hell. Emotional well-being also matters... Some find it in a really odd way though!

The Matured Shopper

You won't encounter this tribe frequently. But we had one in our PG. Sahana was the eldest in her family, in our PG too. Being the eldest and the only earning source of their family she was very determined when it came to financial matters. She had good saving plans(which inspired me to join two schemes, later proved helpful). So her shopping was also in such a way that it turned out to be an investment. She invested in small silver/gold earrings/chains/noserings whenever she had enough money. She ran her own side business of Oriflame products as well. I remember she built her own house in her native with her own savings! Such a proud moment right? She also made sure to stay trendy by shopping cleverly. Yes, such a thoughtful shopper! 

The Budget Shopper

I have a friend who falls in this category. She was not from my PG though. I met her her post marriage in my apartment. She is a house wife and mother of two. She has such wonderful collection of clothes. And I was jaw-dropped when I came to know that most of them are below 500! Yes, her maximum budget goes till 1000. How to shop within budget without missing out on new trends, one must learn from her. I don't know how she manages to find them. She always keeps an eye on e-commerce sites. In Spite of that, once in a while she heads to commercial street for a good deal. Street shopping requires excellent bargaining skills too! She also shops running materials and gives for stitching new models. As a result, her wardrobe remains trendy throughout the year. Kudos girl!


BOS - Brand Obsessed Shoppers

They are the top notch group. Rich enough to hook up to branded products. Let it be any product they will not compromise on the quality and brands. They are typically mall shoppers. Street shopping is a big no no for them. Now you might be thinking, I too have a few branded products which I prefer all the time. Do I fall in this bracket? No, because this tribe will never ever go for other than branded products, not even once. All they have are brands and brands and brands... nothing else!  You might have seen at least a few of them, right?

The Shirt Maniacs/ Sale Maniacs

Do you think only girls are shopaholics? Naaa.... never! Listen, in my family most of the men are shopaholics by nature. It kinda runs in my family. Their wardrobes are afforested with shirts in shades of all colours. Few are obsessed with sale offers. Wherever there is a sale you will see them there. To an extent, for the best deal they will be even ready to travel anywhere, wait in a long queue or do whatever it might take! They are the go-getters. 

*For my own safety reasons I am refraining from revealing the identities. ;)

The Survival Shoppers/Minimalist Shoppers

Lastly, I am introducing a rare species of shoppers. Post marriage when I encountered my own husband falls into this particular category, it was a discovery of a new group for me. This category of people does exist but is not very common. They shop on a survival basis. So, the shopping may happen yearly or once in two years whenever it's necessary. And when they shop they do it with so much honesty that they shop only what they need not what they want! They have a list of number of shirts vs number of pants as pairs, for the next one year. So this will be a planned but huge shopping trip. Next shopping would happen either when the colour fades away or cloth torns! Alas! I couldn't digest it in the first few years. Years passed and everything got digested and absorbed in love. ;) Nevermind!

Now, which type am I ? I still can't figure it out! I feel I am more of a mixture of all the above mentioned breeds (except the last one!). Though sometimes I act like a seasonal shopper. I have season for sarees, season for ornaments, season for tops, season for footwear where I fill my cart with only those particular items. Weirdo!

Let me know which category are you falling in? Any new tribe then mention that too... :)


  1. Hahaha...loved it. Each word is so true about me🤪.Missing those fun filled days. Your writing is so perfect that I relived each moment❤

    1. Lol! It was so fun. Glad that you agree with me ;) Ha haa

  2. So true.... Even I think am a mixture of all except the last ones.
    . Good old days....😎

    1. ha ha! Thank you! I guess many fall into that category :)

  3. Awesome writing sree...each and every word made me relive all the lovely moments spent in my PG days!!!

    1. Thank you Soumya dear❤️ Miss all the fun!

  4. Wow are great thought of shopping. Many fall into mixture category including me. And most of the lovely husbands fall into survival category.ha ha...


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