Little Stories Of Sarcasm

The Lifecycle of a planet

Big Bang... and a small planet called Earth was born. Plants and animals lived peacefully. Then there emerged a species called Sapiens. Initially they co-existed with nature. Later they became selfish and believed that they were superior to mother nature. They created varieties of Gods. For different Gods they invented different religions to worship. Earth was divided into pieces with little peace in each. Each piece chose their own leaders and made their own rules. To protect their own Gods and territories, they fought each other. They developed technology and reached the heavenly bodies. Gradually the technology became superior to humans and began to control them. Religions, fallacies, leaders and technology together made them insane and dud. They shattered their own people, destroyed everything by oppression. Thus vanished from Earth. 'Apocalypse'! Over the time Earth healed into peace again! Nature blossomed... And the cycle repeated.

The Tree Whisperer

That day the wood cutter was in the forest as usual cutting the trees. He overheard two birds on a tree. 
Bird 1: "They are destroying our homes"
Bird 2 : "Apparently, they are destroying their home too...!"

The Agreement of Fallacy

God : What am I supposed to do?
Humans : Protect us.
God : What will YOU do then?
Humans : We will protect you.
And then began wars!

Covid Drama

People : Oh God! Covid cases are at its peak!
Governments : Cut down the number of tests.
People : Thank God! Covid graph is declining.

Social Dilemma

What is social media?

Social media is a medium which moulds you to live in a virtual world so that you become more sociable virtually and less physically. Also your privacy will be secluded by sharing it with the entire world.

The Caste Rule Exceptions

The caste or colour system stands invalid and void at the below instance at any point of time, which is 'Rape'.
Remember, at all other instances the rules are valid and must be followed.

Best Actors

He and she wanted to become actors. They got married and fulfilled their dream!

What About...?

Person 1 : Did you see that video which I shared?
Person 2 : Hmm.. I did.
Person 1 : What about my comment?
Person 2 : Whataboutery!!

Slogan of World Leaders

If you can't suppress then oppress.

Final Judgement

People on Social media : Look at that girl! How dare she wear such a cultureless dress. This is why rapes happen! Fear God, he will punish you kid!

People in real life : What is God doing? Doesn't he have eyes to see how much we suffer!? 

Meanwhile in Heaven, God : Arrey, wait! Am busy taking the count of girls who are wearing short dresses, laughing aloud, walking out post 6 p.m, showing attitude etc. Lemme finish it and I'll attend to you.

The House Elf

"What is your mother?"
"My mother is a house elf, sorry housewife."
"Ha ha! Anyways, both are the same!"

Brand New Courses

We provide advanced courses in rape, abuse, harassment etc. If you want to specialise in verbal/virtual abuse especially Social media - please contact our Kerala branch. For all other real world practical classes please contact our U.P branch ASAP.


Man : Why do you behave like a feminist??
Woman : Because you behave like a male chauvinist. 

Modern Theory Of Equality

We believe in equality, we also believe in patriarchy!

The Modern Marriage

Parent of girl : The groom's party would be coming to see you.

Girl : I am getting married, I am moving to their house. I must go and see them first right? When are we going to see their house?

Parent : Me, your mom and a few relatives will go next week to meet them. 

Girl : What's the logic in you all going to leave me?!! 

Parent : My dear, Customs and traditions are more important than practicality even in this modern era!

Never-ending Saga Of Religion

When there was more than one religion they said, "We believe in one country, one religion". They fought each other and outcasted all the minorities. Then there was only one religion, people dreamt of a peaceful country. But then the caste system emerged. Back to square one! The slogan changed to "One country, one caste!", then "one language"... and it went on...and on and on...

The Viral Journey

Truth : Bye Mom, let me begin my journey on Earth.
Fake news : Mom, I finished three rounds around the Earth!

Six Shades of Indian Matrimony(Applicable only for women)

White/Very Fair, Fair, Medium, Light Brown/wheatish, Moderate Brown, Dark.

Beautiful people!

People with ancient brains and modern equipments who live on Earth!


  1. Just wow😍👌 all the contemporary issues addressed in one.The reader exactly contemplates your thoughts. Keep writing.

    1. 🤩❤️ Much needed feedback as these are very sensitive topics. Thank you girl!

  2. Sensitive thoughts but true what we are doing. Keep writing dear!

    1. Thank you dear! Glad that you could resonate.


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